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amarcord – Jörg Widmann


In the year that marks both the 25th anniversary of amarcord and the 275th anniversary of the – somewhat more advanced – Gewandhaus Orchestra, successful Munich-based composer Jörg Widmann has written a joint birthday serenade for the two outstanding Leipzig-based ensembles: “Kinderreime und Nonsensverse” (nursery rhymes and nonsense lines). This work, in which the humorous often merges into the deadly earnest, was presented in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig in April 2018.
“Widmann’s composition is literally tailor-made for the Amarcord ensemble. And since Wolfram Lattke, Robert Pohler, Frank Ozimek, Daniel Knauft and Holger Krause can sing anything that five men can sing, they can do that as well. (…) Every syllable, every facial expression, every gesture of the fabulous five fits like a glove, everything is merged into a comedian universe – to which the Gewandhaus Orchestra under the direction of Michal Nesterowicz makes a decisive contribution.”

This year, vocal ensemble amarcord celebrates 25 years of a cappella art to highest international standards.

The quintet has just released its 25th CD production and celebrated the premiere of “Kinderreime und Nonsensverse” (nursery rhymes and nonsense lines) by composer Jörg Widmann. As one of the leading formations in early music, amarcord set accents at the Bachfest Leipzig, at the Bachwoche Ansbach, during the first cooperation with Calmus and at the Heinrich-Schütz-Fest with the Cappella Sagittariana Dresden. On stage, amarcord breaks new ground with scenic productions “Ballroom Dreams”, a ball evening with Wishful Singing and Friend ‘n Fellow, or “It’s Schiller! – Die Maltheser. Tragödie.”, a dance theater production by choreographer and director Irina Pauls. These diverse projects as well as numerous concerts from Berlin to Walkenried, from the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the Bodensee Festival and from Rotterdam via Tokyo to Chicago make 2017 a fulfilling anniversary year.

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Seconda Prat!ca


Seconda Prat!ca © Bertrand PicheneSeconda Prat!ca intends to transform the musical heritage of Western cultures back into a shared experience and intensify the relationship between artists and audience. The musicians pursue this holistic approach by acting simultaneously on stage, in the media and in research – and of course by the excellent quality of their music. Nearly four centuries of music (from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, including surviving oral tradition) will be presented in their concert programs. Beyond the performance of composers or special genres, Seconda Prat!ca wants to bring this music back to its context, give it a modern voice, and reawaken cultural memories with the audience.
The artistic direction of Seconda Prat!ca is in the hands of the two founding members Nuno Atalaia and Jonatan Alvarado. Their main objective is to combine the best qualities of each member into a constructive and creative interaction.
Nuno Atalaia is responsible for the conceptual and artistic coordination of the projects as well as their contents.
Jonatan Alvarado’s career is marked by his passion for classical music as well as for folklore – and for their possible connections. He is responsible for musical research and repertoire matters. He also directs the members of the ensemble into a combination of oral tradition with classical Western performance practice.

From now on, harpist Agnès Clément will be exclusively represented by Rosenthal Musikmanagement

From now on, harpist Agnès Clément will be exclusively represented by Rosenthal Musikmanagement. We are looking forward to working for this excellent young artist!
In 2016, the French harpist scored a rare coup at the ARD music competition: She won both the first prize as well as the audience award and the special prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned work. The experts were not surprised – after all, the young musician has played to the highest international standards for a long time. She has already performed with the symphony orchestra of Bavarian Broadcasting Company Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, as well as numerous orchestras in France and the US. Since her solo debuts at the Salle Gaveau in Paris and the Lyon & Healy Concert Hall in Chicago, she has regularly appeared as a guest performer on international stages. In 2012, she made her debut in China. In the current season, Agnès Clément has given guest performances with the Deutsche Symphonieorchester Berlin in the Berliner Philharmonie and the Nuremberg’s Philharmonic orchestra, to name a few. 2018 will see her perform at the MDR-Musiksommer, the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Festival de la Chaise-Dieu and release a new solo CD. In spring 2019, the world premiere of a new harp concert by Wim Henderickx und a concert with Tabea Zimmermann at the London Wigmore Hall are planned.